February 24 to February 28, 2014

Features & Improvements

Added a term filter to Admissions > Applications > Fields.


Fixed a problem with students starting applications without paying the application fee.

Fixed an email bug that scrubbed an email recipient's address if they weren't already in Populi.

Stomped an error that wouldn't let an applicant clear an answer from their application.

Added application field information back into the students table export.

Fixed a Box 7 issue on 1098-Ts.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from saving a text area with a file attached when designing an application.

If the application was added on the profile the name was blank when the reference email was sent out. But not no more.

Got rid of the "click here to log in" link on the email verification page.

Fixed some stuff that prevented Leads from being found in Search.

People couldn't attach files to applications on Firefox. Now they can!

Fixed some stuff on student dashboards. They were blank.

Couldn't mark students deceased. But you can now.

Fixed some issues with transfer credits from deleted organizations displaying in the Transfer Credits report.

Application fields were not respecting contact type (Home, Work, etc.).

Fixed an issue with in-progress credits on the Degree Audit.

Problems with application field files have been dealt with.

As have problems with custom "Choose from a list" type fields.

Reply-to fields in communication plan emails were defaulting to the current user's email. That was dumb, but it's done for now.

Fixed problems with custom CSS not showing on the Inquiry form.


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