February 17 to February 21, 2014

Features & improvements

New online references! Read more on the Populi Blog

Open-ended test availability dates: now you can choose from standard start/end times, available starting, available until, and always available for your test's availability.

You now have the option to display academic terms in Admissions as either "Academic Year: Term Name" or simply "Term Name". For example, "2013-2014: Spring 2014" vs. "Spring 2014".

New Active Lead system tag that's applied to inactive financial aid users active Leads.

The comment on a user-created Inquiry is now optional (and you can also choose whether to email it to the inquirer).

Term field on applications is now blank by default (which compels the applicant to choose an entrance term).

Unused Courses in the Degree Audit now displays grades for those courses.

Let's see how many people read these Release Notes: Donations is now in beta.


Fixed a bug that cleared out email content in a communication plan when you added another event afterwards.

Fixed a communication plan bug that emailed people even after they were deleted from Populi, or even after they unsubscribed.

Fixed some creepy-crawlies in the Academic Term calendars that wouldn't let you select the date you wanted for Grades Due.

Stomped something that prevented multiple answer fields from saving the response.

Fixed some more problems with allowing you to export certain application fields that pre-dated the Admissions update.

The ~ in text formatting was producing superscript instead of the as-advertised subscript.

We also fixed yet another problem with the application percent-completed tally.

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