March 3 to March 7, 2014

Features & Improvements

Added middle name fields to Inquiry and initial Application forms.

You can now edit the email address for the online reference.

Standings can now be associated with Academic Years.


Fixed a bug that prevented Admissions Admins from editing custom CSS for online applications.

Fixed a bug that allowed non-numeric characters in number fields (and that also kept such fields from submitting) in online references.

Addressed a problem with exporting certain tags from the Billing > By Term > Summary report.

A number of miscellanous online application fixes: 

  • No longer possible to delete in-use application forms
  • You can now edit the contact type when editing a linked contact info field on application forms
  • Fixed some display problems with the application's Submit button displaying after the application was submitted
  • If a reference field was accepted before the application was submitted (and therefore before the reference email had been sent) we'd still show the default "An invitation to answer this field will be sent to..." message; now we show that the reference email was not sent

Fixed a permissions error that threw a tripwire if someone accepted a linked application field if a custom info field already had a file uploaded to it.

Fixed an error that let you double-save transfer credits by double-clicking Save.

For some dumb reason, we were asking for a credit card's CVV when you waived the application fee. We have repented of that.

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