March 10 to March 21, 2014

Oops, missed a week there. Here's notes for the past two weeks:

Features & Improvements

Exposed Financial Aid data and birthdate via the API.

ISIR imports no longer create new Lead Info set when you import them to a person who already has active Lead info.


Fixed a bug that prevent you from adding academic standings by term for future academic years.

Fixed a problem with disappearing images newly uploaded to Library Resources.

We no longer show deleted terms on application or applications table.

We were dumping the new email address that you'd import from applications if the person already had an email address. We have repented.

Fixed some Custom CSS problems on the Inquiry form.

Fixed a grayscreen problem that resulted from adding new Honors in Academics > Settings.

Fixed a problem with transfer credits applying to courses and course groups at the same time.

Fixed some online reference problems: alerts on the Dashboard linked to nothingness and reference invite bounces were not working.

Custom student fields with decimal type inputs weren't available in the Data Slicer. They now are.

Changed the behavior of decision dates when you remove Provisional status.

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