March 24 to March 28, 2014

Features and improvements

The new Roster went out to everyone Tuesday night. Here's the preview we published a few weeks ago, and here are the help articles.

Along with the Roster, you can now finalize by-student!

A few enhancements to by-term custom info:

  • Improved the display of the info on the Profile > Student tab
  • You can now retrieve that data from the Data Slicer
  • Advisors cannot edit it any more

The Term > Courses XLS export now includes a column for Max. Enrollment.

Student exports in Admissions and Academics now include entrance term and anticipated degree completion date.

You can now use the Data Slicer to find students whose degree or specialization belongs to a certain department.

Google Calendars can now work without Populi being the Identity Provider.

Online applications now let you select whether to require a mailing address on the initial form.

You can now add an accepted applicant as a new user while accepting the application.

Instructors can now base a new test on an existing test in that course.

Improved the responsiveness of the course Performance Dashboard.


Fixed a bug that duplicated a test if you changed an assignment type to "Test".

There was a problem with batch-adding/removing Communication Plans and events. Repeat, there was a problem. Get my drift?

Fixed some gray-screening problems with the Data Slicer.

Fixed an edge case that prevented some Library Staff users from checking out resources to patrons.

The abbreviation sort in the Term > Courses table wasn't working. Now, it is.

TA's could see course evaluation results for faculty. We put an end to this like so:

  • Primary faculty can see all faculty and TA evals
  • Other faculty and TAs can only see their own evals

Fixed some problems that prevented the Library Import Completed email from being sent.

We had to hide the reference number from students who were looking at their unapplied payments/credits.

Fixed a bug that kept custom fields from returning any data in the Data Slicer.

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