April 7 to April 11, 2014

Features and Improvements

Added a column for "Max. Enrolled" to the Schedule XLS export.

You can now toggle between By Term and By Field on the Profile > Student > Term Info tab.

New custom transcript variables: Field of study and Timeframe.


Fixed some problems with the Is not condition in the new filter.

Admissions and Admissions Admin users couldn't create custom admissions fields, but they can now!

Returned the Export XLS option back where it belongs: in the gradebook for finalized courses.

Hid some "edit evaluation" links from registrars: all they'd do anyway was tell a Registrar user they couldn't perform that action.

Academic term schedules were showing multiple time zones. Now they're not.

Course Registration was permitting students to register for courses that had the same meeting times. Fixed!

Fixed a problem that prevented students from editing their notification email addresses.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from having the same Min. and Max. GPA for Honors GPAs. So, if you want to have an honor exclusively for students with a 4.0, you can do that now!

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