April 14 to April 25, 2014

Features and improvements

Added some new checks and balances to prevent applicants from starting new applications if they already have one going.

Fixed up Tag page exports so that you can get first names for the people you export.

You can now use certain academic terms in more than one aid year.

Upgraded adding transfer institutions in Profile > Admissions: you can now add (and edit) multiple fields of study.


Fixed a grayscreening problem with the Analytics reporting tool.

Fixed a bug that exposed final grade comments before the course/student was finalized.

Course description transcript variables were coming up empty. We have filled them.

Print views were including "meta character sets"—looked like gobbledygook—so we cleaned that up.

Fixed a bug that prevented the HS grad date from exporting if a person's lead status was Inactive.

Fixed some download issues with the IPEDS export.

Tweaked a few things with online references to make the number of alerts match up with what has been submitted for review. 

Upgraded adding transfer institutions: you can now add (and edit) multiple fields of study.

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