May 5 to May 9, 2014

Features and Improvements

None this week, but probably some next week...


Found a bug that affected program-based tuition schedules: they would not trigger TS-based fees when a student enrolled. Wanna guess what we did with that bug?

Fixed a bug that let you add academic terms without start/end dates; trying to save such terms would gray-screen Populi. Bye-bye, bug.

Fixed a problem with the Available Until test availability setting that hid tests from students (Populi thought that there was no start date, and thus no date to make the test visible).

You couldn't delete a degree or specialization if it had deleted people attached to it. Now we let you delete those if the only people attached to them have been deleted.

Stomped a bug that let you submit an order through Bookstore Point of Sale multiple times, thus creating phantom orders and other nonsense. 

Leads were not added to the search index after adding them as people. That made them, ahem, hard to find. They're in there now, though.

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