May 19 to May 23, 2014

Features & Improvements

Moved and modified a few settings. Enable Online Bill Pay is now in Financial > Settings, and now lets you choose to accept credit cards, electronic checks, or both. Additionally, the asset account settings formerly located in Bookstore Settings are now located in Financial > Settings.

You can now hide the Bookstore from online shoppers, but still make sales through the Point of Sale. Additionally, we no longer require credit cards to operate Bookstore; you need only set up asset accounts for at least one payment type (cash, (electronic) check, or credit card).

Added EDI TS130 as an Official Transcript export format. EDI TS130 lets you electronically submit Populi-generated transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse SPEEDEserver (as well as other services that accept the TS130 format).


Made some additions to the API:

  • Add a user account
  • Add a new application to a lead
  • Get an application
  • Get an application template
  • Update and application fields

Added Degree and Specialization to conditions in Funnel Report filter

Added a confirmation to the Invoice Pending function so you know how many charges you're invoicing at a given time.


If a person had an Unknown gender, any relationships to that person would be feminine. They're now generic (Parent instead of Mother, for example).

If you edited an online reference form, certain changes wouldn't save. We fixed this.

Courses with spaces in the abbreviation would show as available and selected when creating Course Groups.

We weren't letting you choose Unknown as an Entrance Term in Student Info.

Fixed a bug that cloned assignments to another course in the wrong order.

Fixed a bug that set student Degrees to Inactive when you set the student role to Inactive.

Faculty could edit course sections that they were not teaching. This was our fault! But no longer.

Fixed a display bug in Lessons that said that tests were not available, even when they were.

Fixed some display problems in Calendar.


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