June 23 to July 3, 2014

Features & improvements

The new Reporting tab in Account includes a new master change log and a logins report. Account Admins can now sort and filter changes and logins for all users. This was a popular feature request and we were glad to make it happen.

Added login information to profiles and the new master change log for organizations using SSO.

Admissions activity (including application updates, questions, counselor changes, and more) is now available in the Activity Feed.

Added course cloning events to course change logs. You'll now have a record of when a course was cloned, who did the cloning, and what course was used to make the clone.

The new Online Payments tab in Financial > Settings gathers together the settings required to get your school going with online payments. Formerly, some of these settings were house in Bookstore Settings.

Two new custom financial statement layouts: an overall statement (available on Profile > Financial > Dashboard > Print Statement) and a term statement (available on Profile > Financial > By Term > Print Term Statement). Previously, these were available only as PDF exports that could not be customized. Contact Populi Support if you'd like to get one set up for your school.

You can now operate Bookstore in a self-checkout mode without online payment processing enabled; students simply charge all items (including tax and shipping) to their accounts.

You can now batch export electronic transcripts from the Students Table.


Fixed an issue where the course change log told you a test was changed, but didn't specify which test. It now shows which test was changed.

Fixed an issue where you no longer had the ability to manage what type of payments to accept in the Bookstore because those settings were moved to Financial > Settings. Now you can choose whether to accept cash, checks or credit cards, regardless of whether you accept online payments for tuition, fees and other account payments.

Library notifications were not being sent for loan periods measured in hours. We fixed the problem. Library notifications are sent out (-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 24, 48) hours before/after the due date for load periods measured in hours.

Admissions dashboard alerts were still showing for applications connected to deleted people. You won't see those alerts any more. Also fixed a related issue where inquiry and application questions attached to deleted people were still showing in their respective tables.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to reorder your z39.5 servers in Library > Settings. You can now change the order so that Populi knows which servers you prefer.

Fixed a bug causing some text in library to show in bold font.

Fixed a bug that could, in extraordinary and unusual circumstances, issue a refund to a bookstore customer's credit card when the transaction should, in fact, be reversed.

File uploads on financial aid applications were broken. They ain't broken no more, though!

Fixed a bug that listed library resources as Newspapers regardless of your selection.

Fixed some bugs in the course evaluation reporting filter.

Double-clicking in a course calendar would create duplicate events. We fixed that.

Fixed a problem that caused the Valid Entries section of a library inventory to display blank no matter what.

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