February 1 to February 13, 2015

Features & Improvements

You can now create Acquisition Sources for Library resources.

  • You can save a new acquisition source and select its type just like other agent fields
  • Agents that are acquisition sources will list the copies that were acquired from them


Users with the Donations role could not access the Financial > Donations tab (because they couldn't see the Financial navigation link!).

Fixed a bug where a student would get the Probation tag even if his probation period had not yet started. The tag now triggers as of the start date of the discipline.

Fixed a bug with Discussions that showed the wrong time if you were in a different timezone than the course when you added it or edited the dates.

Fixed a display issue in Degree Audits that displayed multiple instances of the same course if that course had an equivalency.

If you didn't have a custom statement layout, when you tried to export statements, you'd simply get an ugly red error. Not no more.

Course Rosters weren't using the student's preferred name. All better now!

Editing a hold was leaving resource copies marked as on hold but also deleted the hold for that resource copy. Fixed.

Fixed this bug:

  • A resource has two copies...
  • One was in a location that can check out
  • The other was in a location that can't
  • If the can-checkout copy had a hold, and someone placed another hold for first available, it would place the hold on the can-not-checkout copy.

Fixed a bug that prevented applicants from downloading application files attached to text fields.

Fixed some bugs that locked students out of lesson discussions that had been cloned from previous terms.

The Aid Application Housing drop-down wasn't preserving saved changes.

Fixed a bug that prevented Admissions staff from deleting and re-sending an online reference link.

Fixed a bug that would prevent a student from getting a grade if the grade fell between two grade points (e.g. the student gets a 79.999 and the grade scale says C = 70-79.99 and B = 80-89.99...)

Fixed some bugs that unnecessarily hid retired billing items like fees from the interface.

Fixed numerous IPEDS bugs, including one that wouldn't let you exclude Programs.

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