February 23 to March 6, 2015

Features & Improvements

Faculty and Staff now have the option to reset their passwords using two-factor authentication. This only works for users with a verified SMS phone number; Populi sends a verification code to the user's phone, which the user enters on the reset password screen.

Student ID is now included in the Export Helper options on Tag pages.

Added a few new settings that can prevent students from sharing files and assigning to-dos.

Added a couple new custom transcript variables for term-based custom info fields.


Fixed a bug that sometimes showed Renewed resources as Returned, as well as causing problems for copies that were put on hold.

Added Patron Type back in to the Circulation > Reporting > By Loan export.

Fixed a bug that prevented student information from being edited if the student did not have a Student ID.

Fixed a bug that kept students from seeing future course instances in Search.

If you have a lot of course equivalencies, the Degree Audit would sometimes display lots of duplicate incomplete courses. Not no more, though.

Formerly, if you forgot to check "Fulfills attendance hours" when you take attendance, then went back and checked it from edit attendance, the attendance hours don't get updated. That now behaves normally.

Fixed a bug that didn't include incomplete courses in the total credits shown on student schedules.

Fixed some attendance-taking bugs in the iOS app.

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