July 7 to July 25, 2014

Features & Improvements

On July 15th, we released several improvements to course assignments, including extra credit assignments, improvements to Gradebook, attendance assignments, and more. Have a look at the Populi Blog for more details.

In Financial Aid applications:

  • You can now include Other as a legal residence option
  • We added Household Resources to verification group options

Added Discussions, Login data, and changelog data to customer data backups.

Added pagination to the To-dos tab on the Populi Home page.


Found a bug that broke Admissions if you deleted a person who had ever added a Lead. The bug had not affected any customers (we discovered it in testing), but it is now gone. All gone.

For some reason, Financial Admins could not see the new Online Payments tab in Financial > Settings. Fixed!

Fixed a bug that prevented you from exporting custom info fields to XLS.

Found a weird edge-case gradebook bug: if you had an assignment group with zero-point assignments, hitting tab in Gradebook would fill those assignments with zeros and calculate 0% for the assignment group, which would mess with the Final Grade calculation. Found the bug and ended it.

Fixed multiple problems with embedded files in the new assignment document viewer.

We now show grade/transcript locks to Advisors.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from uploading files to financial transaction pages.

Retired accounts were showing as options in Donations. No longer.

If you sent an email to an Organization, it would not display on the org's Activity Feed. Fixed!

Pesky teenagers were liking bulletin board posts multiple times. We don't let you do that no more, though.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you change a student's ACT test score.

Fixed an edge-case bug that displayed the wrong letter grade on a student's grade report.

Repaired a problem in which an aid classification was not properly updating a student's enrollment status.

Fixed a bug where a faculty user could not access tests he created in his course section when that section was synced to sections of which he was not the instructor.

Retired financial aid awards were not given as options in the various Aid reports. They are now!

Donations with invalid email addresses could not be linked to donors. Fixed.

Calendars were having a hard time with special characters (& displaying as &, for example).

Fixed a bug that wouldn't save a Standardized test score if you edited it.

Fixed a grey screen on the Retention Report in Academics > Reporting.

Fixed some errors that erroneously caused the "Bookstore still setting up" message for users.

Fixed a bug that caused Tag pages to not display names of people with the tag.

Added Kosovo to the various country drop-downs around Populi.

Fixed a bug that would fail to update a Lead's status if you linked an application to a person after it had been submitted.


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