March 23 to April 10, 2015

Sorry for the lack of release notes the past few weeks!

Features & Improvements


Embedding external content in news and lessons!

We created standard page layouts for all of the customizable layout types in Populi—transcript, enrollment letter, financial aid award letter, donation receipts, donation summaries, #10 envelopes, and shipping and address labels.

The new filter lets you save your filter conditions as custom reports.

You can now print grade reports for all terms. Non-finalized courses print with IP, as on the transcript. Previously, you could only print grade reports when all of a student's courses in a term were finalized.

Students can now see the status of their deposits.

Updated and fixed the SAT standardized test fields to reflect the current condition of that august examination.

Added a transfer course description variable to custom transcripts.

It's now waaaay simpler to print one single envelope or mailing label.

Added a full-time/part-time variable to enrollment verification letters.


Fixed a bug that kept a course lesson imported from Common Cartridge from having availability dates.

Fixed some issues with spine labels. First, printing Labels from batches wasn't printing any more than a page at a time. In addition, we were letting users save spine label templates without defining any fields.

Fixed a bug that counted the refund policy trigger dates incorrectly if the course was added from Profile > Student > Courses.

Fixed a bug with filtered reports: if you clicked a column heading to re-sort the table, it would change the filter conditions.

Fixed a bug on the Deposits report that didn't update the deposit status even after action was taken.

Fixed a bug with iframe embeds that opened links in the same browser tab instead of a new one.

Some students enrolled in future courses were getting FN's, even though the courses hadn't started yet. We've fixed that.

Some folks were getting 404's and heartbreak when they were trying to access the Transfer Credits report.

Fixed a gray screen error on the Financial Aid > Disbursements report.

Fixed a bug that recorded credit card donations as authorized, but not captured.

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