April 13 to April 17, 2015

Features & Improvements

Our online payments overhaul includes Stripe integration, credit card convenience fees, and payment gateway management.

We rewrote the Google Apps integration to use OAuth 2.0, which should resolve numerous longstanding issues Populi had with the old Google Apps API.

Added a setting to let you exclude certain inactive degrees/specializations from the transcript.

Added course mapping, course catalog programs, student programs, course instance restoration, and course catalog restoration to the Change Log.

Fees connected to liability accounts no longer have to be liability accounts; basically, you now have greater leeway to create liability fees (good for things like sales tax, etc.).

Added "export student schedule PDF" to the API.


Fixed a bug that prevented you from applying a bulk communication plan from the Leads report.

Fixed a similar bug that prevented you from adding tuition schedules in bulk in the Data Slicer.

Fixed a tripwire that kept users from enabling online donations.

Tweaked the Academic Progress report to include in-progress courses.

Fixed a bug that dead-ended you on some dark, unlit street alley when you tried to view an organization's members.

Optimized the Funnel Report so that it would load better for schools with LOTS AND LOTS of leads.

Fixed a bug that displayed POS orders as pending.

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