July 28 to August 1, 2014

Features and improvements

Several new and improved student billing items this week:

  • Rewritten tuition schedules with new options that let you combine flat-rate and per-credit/hour charges in the same bracket
  • Tuition schedules are now directly associated with courses, letting you get very specific with how you charge for individual courses
  • Refund policies are now independent of tuition schedules; you add them directly to student accounts and tuition schedules
  • Refunds now simply issue a pending credit for the refunded amount; previously, they refunded the entire amount, then added a new pending charge for the amount still owed
  • New fee rules for term name (e.g.: charge the fee only during Fall Term) and course delivery method
  • New recalculate function lets you instantly update a student's pending charges
  • Programs can now have multiple default tuition schedules
  • You can now edit the posted date of a transaction when you're creating it (say, when invoicing charges or recording a payment)

Gave students and admissions staff a couple new options with online references:

  • If a reference is in progress or received the admissions staff can delete it (and then add a new email address if they want to)
  • If a reference field is rejected the applicant can edit it and resubmit the application

Added Financial Aid reporting to IPEDS report; additionally, IPEDS reports now export in XML format.

Added Education Level as a link-to-existing-field option on applications.

Added custom term info to export options on Academic Term > Students Table > Export XLS function.

Added course primary instructor as a custom transcript variable.


Campus fee rules now only trigger for the number of courses on a given campus in which a student enrolls—rather than charging them the fee for every course, regardless of the course's campus.

Swapped Attempted Hours for Earned Clinical Hours on the HTML transcript for schools that have Clinical Hours Enabled.

Fixed an error that could cause a TRIPWIRE when uploading a file to a custom info field.

Fixed some visual alignment issues in gradebook.

Fixed a bug in Library Circulation > Reporting > By Patron Type that was not showing patron types in the report!

Stopped showing files associated with deleted courses in Search.

Improved the ranking in Library Search results so they make more sense.

Fixed a bug that let you manually-add a duplicate barcode to a library resource.

Fixed a bug that failed to update a Lead's status when you imported their application.

Corrected a problem that treated publisher names in Library resources like a person's name (e.g. Penguin Classics would display as Classics, Penguin).


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