May 18 to May 29, 2015

Features & Improvements

Added the export helper to the Export XLS option in Data Slicer—a quick way to add more columns to the report you're exporting.

Did some stuff on the back-end to make Alerts load faster.


Fixed a bug that prevented you from finding organizations when trying to add them to students (and other people, for that matter).

Fixed a bug that could potentially deleted course meeting times in attendance calculations.

Fixed some problems with the expiration date drop-down (Internet Explorer 11) and the Country/US State selector (Chrome) on the Someone else paying? page.

Got rid of a thing that wouldn't let you upload an ID photo for a deceased person.

Fixed a bug where if the student wasn't enrolled when the first attendance was recorded, we were marking them as not being in attendance ever.

Fixed some bugs with aid year schedules that caused auto disbursements to calculate improperly.

Fixed a bug that caused lessons to un-sync if you edited the lesson's name.

Fixed some bugs with call number sorting that let out-of-order entries mess up library inventory.

Fixed a bug that included deleted academic terms in the analytics > retention report. Also fixed a tripwire some people were running into when they'd export the report.

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