June 1 to June 5, 2015

Features & Improvements

Probably our biggest release ever: The Program Indicator field in the Clearinghouse report now reckons Yes/No based whether the student's degree is degree seeking degree or not. Previously, it was based on the mere presence of a student program. We'll be following up these release notes with an extensive five-part blog series on this momentous update. We've really just taken it to the next level with this one.

Something you can't see... but that you've probably felt: we upgraded a bunch of servers and they're really fast.

Added changed-by and changed-when columns to transfer credits, so now you can see who made any changes to transfer credits, and when they did it!


Fixed a bug that let you charge application fees even if you had not set up an asset account for credit card payments.

Fixed an issue with the Google Apps integration that produced a deluge of calendar events if Populi had a capital letter in the username and Google had all lowercase (e.g. JSmith vs. jsmith).

Fixed an issue with the attachment size limit on emails. We used to say you had a 34MB limit, but that wasn't remotely true. You can now send 7MB attachments, up to 25MB per email.

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