August 4 to August 8, 2014

Features & Improvements

Added two new esoteric GPA settings to Academics > Settings:

  • Count retakes in term GPA? 
  • Count retakes in term cumulative GPA?

Both of these settings default to No, which will preserve the way things have worked in Populi thus far. But some schools need retaken courses to count in the GPA in different ways, and so we now give you the option to count them in the term in which they were originally taken. This is a very obscure setting, and we strongly recommend that if you want to change it, you contact us first.

Moved the ability of faculty to change course names on the Roster under the functions covered in the Roster Management setting.

Added a custom transcript variable showing how transfer courses apply to your school's own courses.

Made the comment-entry process on file-assignment submission feeds a little smarter—there's now less risk of losing your comments if you click Enter Grades.


Fixed a bug that prevented certain files uploaded via the Large File Uploader from syncing across course sections. This same bug was also responsible for our syncing of deleted files (which we shouldn't do).

Fixed a bug that wouldn't update degree audit information until you logged out and then logged back in.

Raised the number of Lead Sources available in the Leads report filter.

Fixed an access-denied file permissions bug with discipline.

Donation receipts were coughing up a 500 internal error. Not no more.

Fixed a math problem on the Billing > By Term report that was incorrectly adding up tuition amounts.

Fixed a problem that broke standardized test scores.

Fixed some rounding problems that affected the net amounts of disbursements when you used an aid year schedule.

Fixed some timezone bugs that affected the scheduling of course events.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't show a library resource copy as in transit.

Fixed some bugs on custom fields that weren't generating any information on custom term and overall statements.

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