June 29 to July 10, 2015

Features & Improvements

Created a new Program EFC variable for Financial Aid award letters.

We now include organization location in the organization search (handy for orgs that might appear in multiple cities— Union Pacific RR (Omaha) vs. Union Pacific RR(North Platte), for example).

For schools charging credit card convenience fees with online payments, they now appear as separate rows on a person's financial history tab. This keeps the running balance tidier.


Fixed a heretofore unencountered problem with long school names overlapping the logo on transcripts.

Fixed a bug that broke resource batches if you included a special character (%, -, _, etc...) in the batch's name.

Fixed a bug that showed a hold on all resource copies even if only one copy had a hold on it.

Fixed a bug that would occasionally display more than 0.00 grade points for FN grades.

Fixed a bug that could included deleted Links in a course clone.

Updated a couple things with Charge-to-account in Bookstore:

  • We now hide Charge to account from the Point of Sale if the student's limit has been reached or if CTA is not enabled.
  • We now make sure that if you charge sales tax to account, the tax is put on the account only for items that are charged to the account. This is helpful in cases where part of the order is charged and part of the order is paid for by some other means (cash, card, etc.)

Tweaked cloning so that if you clone everything except Faculty-added discussions, we make sure that users don't encounter errors when viewing other graded discussions in the cloned-to course.

Fixed some flakiness with the eCheck status checker.

Fixed a bug that let students see assignments set to not visible before due date to actually see those assignments before the due date.

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