August 10 to August 14, 2015

Features & Improvements

The Academic Auditor role!

Improved the display of Amount Due on Profile > Financial > Dashboard.

Customizable ID cards!

You can now edit Inquiry dates.


Fixed an error with the IPEDS XML export.

Fixed a problem where you couldn't print Term Statements.

There was a brief problem where you couldn't add students to courses using Add Student on the Roster.

Fixed a pagination problem when moving between pages of courses when editing Tuition Schedules.

Fixed a bug that retrieved deleted fields from the Application > Fields report.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you pick buildings and rooms when scheduling meeting times for courses.

Fixed some problems with course delivery methods that prevented you from updating them for existing courses.

Fixed some 500 errors that resulted from exporting the Courses report in Academic Term.

Email all sections was only emailing one section at a time. We had a talk with it, and it's toeing the line now.

Fixed some problems with the Common Cartridge importer.

Fixed a few math problems with the new Pay Now amount.

Fixed a problem with adding course groups to degrees.

Fixed a bug that let you submit an application without completing all of the required fields.

Fixed an issue with graded discussions where you couldn't enable auto-grade after setting Comments Closed to yes.

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