August 17 to August 21, 2015

Features & Improvements

Added numerous new variables to enrollment verification letters, including nearly all transcript variables.


Delivery Method fee rules now respect the number of courses with a given delivery method, rather than charging the fee for all courses/credits for which the student is enrolled (regardless of delivery method).

Got rid of the Print Yearly Summary button for non-Donors.

Fixed a bug that did not delete assignment events on the calendar for assignments written-over by the clone.

Academic Auditors couldn't see grades if the student hadn't submitted a course eval and triggered the grades lock. Nor could they export transcripts. FIXT!

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you indicate Check as payment type when manually-adding an application.

Fixed an issue where cloning discussion assignments didn't clone the associated discussions if the assignments were attached to lessons and you were not cloning the lessons too. Phew. That one's a bit of a mouthful.

Fixed a formatting issue with dates that wouldn't let you add meeting times.

Fixed a broken term units filter on the Students table.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't save manually-entered book descriptions in Bookstore.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let Teaching Assistants see course navigation without, of all things, the Staff role.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you export ID photos.

Fee rules based on custom info weren't triggering. But they are now!

Faculty couldn't sync courses. But they can, once again, thanks to... (lowers sunglasses, looks at camera)

Stopped stripping / characters out of course supplies lists.

Ensmartened some of the stuff on the ABHE report to better calculate completers.

Fixed the way Populi interprets what a barcode scanner reads to improve the results.

Fixed some issues with whether deleting an account from the Chart of Accounts should either A) be an option in the first place or B) work when you try to do it.

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