August 24 to August 28, 2015

Features & Improvements

Two new things for invoice dates:

  • You can now edit the due date on any invoice
  • The new Invoice Due Date setting lets you set a default number of days into the future for invoice due dates (it used to default to today)

Inquiry addresses, when imported, now default to Home instead of Other.

Added CourseID and Delivery Method to the Enrollment XLS export.

Added new "Matching" fee rules—read about them here.


Fixed a bug where if you set a discussion's Max. Replies to 0, it wouldn't actually prevent replies.

Fixed some obscure C Flag issues with ISIRs that cause a variety of minor problems.

Fixed a timezone issue that wouldn't let you close comments on a discussion.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you edit multiple course meeting times while keeping the dialog open.

Courses without programs were being completely elided during online enrollment periods. "Elided" means that we weren't showing them. They were being passed over. They were eliminated from consideration.

Fixed some bugs that wouldn't delete old assignments when you cloned assignments from another course.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you retire a tuition schedule if it was attached to a deleted person.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't permit new course names on the Roster.

Made sure that the online references alert matched the filter conditions on the report when you click the alert.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't generate refunds when a student switched meal plans.

Fixed a couple bugs with duplicate course abbreviations that couldn't be deleted.

Fixed some filter stuff in course eval reporting to ensure that results for all course sections can be retrieved.

Fixed a bug that switcheroo'd preferred and middle names on Tag exports.

Fixed a rounding error that gave you erroneous donations totals.

Fixed a problem with Inquiry Dates showing the wrong date.

Finally killed an old cockroach: adding resources in Library used to default to Newspaper for the type.

Optimized the Advised Students report to make it load more fasterer.

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