August 30 to September 4, 2015

Features & Improvements

We upgraded fee rules so they better handle complex, either/or situations. Read about it on the Populi Blog.

Added a new transcript variable for campuses.

Added Course Description to the Export XLS functions in Term > Courses and the Course Catalog.


Fixed some issues where schools had Max. Credits = 0 on their Academic Term > Info page when they had intended to enter "Unlimited".

Fixed multiple issues with course calendars and attendance caused by Google Apps hiccups.

Fixed an issue with term honors that weren't added during normal academic data recalculations.

Put-in-order questions should now work properly on iOS and other touch devices.

Fixed some issues with custom info fields that wouldn't allow Staff users to update info for contact organizations.

Fixed an issue when editing Lesson availability where the 'Always Available' was showing as the selected option in the dropdown when it was actually just no availability set.

Fixed some math problems on the PDF statement's Payments/Credits Applied amounts.

Addressed an issue where inactive students could not see any courses on their calendars.

Users with a combination of the Academic Auditor and Admissions Admin roles could not reactivate inactive students.

Fixed some issues with Payment Plans that didn't like $ and % characters in the amount fields.

Fixed numerous problems with Export XLS in Financial involved with adding extra data columns.

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