September 7 to September 11, 2015

Features & Improvements

The Donations and Donors reports now let you add a communication plan to the people you're viewing.


We weren't letting you uncheck the Diploma box in Degrees. We're nicer now.

Weird and obscure: if you pasted an amount into a financial aid amount field, and said amount contained a comma, the amount would be truncated. Not no more, though.

Fixed a 500 error on the Students XLS export.

Fixed some errors with quiz grades that resulted from editing question point values after students had taken the test.

Fixed a scenario that would let you delete an account that was connected with in-use fees, tuition schedules, etc.

Fixed some math errors on course evaluation reporting that affected stats for multiple answer questions.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you export custom transcripts in bulk.

The Donations role wasn't letting users see Campaigns without getting an error. Those days are over!

Fixed a bug that exported only one Faculty profile picture with bulk Faculty ID photo exports.

Added additional Source filter conditions to the Inquiries report to deal with unnecessary limits in what you could filter for.

Fixed a bug that failed to mark past-due comments on discussions as, well, past-due.

Fixed a bug that showed deleted files in the Activity Feed.

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