September 14 to September 18, 2015

Features & Improvements

Numerous improvements to financial aid this week (blog post and documentation forthcoming), the most visible of which are:

  • A new setting lets you permit your Student Billing office to issue refunds for unapplied financial aid.
  • If you opt in to the new setting, you can then decide how to distinguish various types of aid refunds from regular customer refunds.

Connected to that, we've broken up the Record Payment dialog into two functions (previously it grouped incoming and outgoing payments into one workflow):

  • Record Payment now lets you record only incoming customer payments; it works the same as it ever has, minus the option to record a refund.
  • Refund Credit Balance lets you record only refunds of student credit balances. If you have enabled the new financial aid setting mentioned above, you can also use it to refund unapplied financial aid.
  • If you have not upgraded to the new setting, then Refund Credit Balance now displays a notice about the setting.

Upgraded every select and field in Bookstore to better handle the stuff you input there. A subtle but important change.

Updated Academic Year > Add / Edit terms interface and validation. It works way more betterer and predictable-er.

Term registration dates can now overlap each other. Your students can now register for multiple terms at the same time!

If the course timezone is different than the users timezone a notice will display when adding/editingadd/drop times, course evaluation availability, assignment availability, test availability, test exceptions, calendar events, and scheduled chat sessions.Times will still display in the user's timezone.

Improved some interface elements on Payment Plans to help mitigate errors and confusion caused by the old interface:

  • If the invoice has no payment plan, then the Apply Payment Plan button appears as normal.
  • If the invoice is on a plan, an Edit Payment Plan dropdown button will appear instead. It has two menu options: Change will bring up the apply dialog, and Remove will give a popup warning and then axe the plan completely.
  • If a user manually edits the generated payment deadlines on a plan and ends up deleting all of them, doing so will now completely remove the plan from the invoice.

Optimized the Inquiries XLS exporter so that it does a better job exporting multi-page reports.


Questions asked about a graded discussion (on the assignment page) after the stated due date were marked Past Due Time, but comments posted after the due date were not so marked. We now mark late comments as Past Due Time as well.

Fixed a bug that showed deleted files in the Activity Feed.

Fixed some errors that wouldn't save changes when you added or edited payment plan due dates on an invoice.

Looks like you could spam save on financial aid applications and save multiple copies of it (but never edit anything other than the first one). Doesn't look that way no more.

Fixed some math confusion that arose from manually-adding per-course or per-credit fees.

Photos uploaded to assignment pages were mighty gigantic in some cases. We now handle those with greater intelligence and sensitivity.

Fixed the academic preset report selector so that it works when you try to use it.

Fixed a typo in the IPEDS XML report that caused a 500 error.

Updated file permissions so you can edit the visibility if you're either an admin or the person who uploaded it.

We no longer permit students to email private email addresses anymore. If there are no email addresses to email the email link in courses now disappears for students.

Fixed some problems with deleting custom info fields to make custom info field deletion less problematic.

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