September 28 to October 2, 2015

Features & Improvements

Huge feature: added Student ID numbers to printed student schedules.


Fixed a bug that wouldn't let users accept American Express cards because of AMEX's 4-digit CVC codes.

Students were getting a tripwire when they'd try to print receipts. The tripwires were blowing up trees and stuff, and were completely unnecessary. We've snapped the tripwires.

Gave ACH/eChecks a minimum online payment field.

If you added an inactive student role to someone who had never been a student, we wouldn't save the Exit Reason. You also couldn't edit Advisor info in the Student Info panel. All better!

Fixed more timezone problems that resulted in multiple attendance entries.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't update the expiry date when you swiped a credit card in Bookstore point of sale.

Auto grade dates for discussions were throwing errors. They've stopped throwing them.

Fixed some problems with time limit exceptions on course tests.

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