October 5 to October 9, 2015

Features & Improvements

Added program standing and anticipated graduation date variables to enrollment verification letters.

Added (Admissions) Representative to export helper in the data slicer.

Added a filter option for Payment Plans on the Unpaid Invoices report.

Added an alert on the Registration page that tells students when they've registered for courses they've already passed.

Added a checkbox to the Charges/Credits report that lets you include deleted charges.

Notifications now show your school's name in the From: line.


Re-tooled the logic in the IPEDS 12-month enrollment report to report credit hours for graduate level, and to excise credits for Graduate - Doctor Professional Practice from the totals.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't save time limit exceptions on tests.

Added profile privacy information to the data slicer export helper. The better to make FERPA-compliant student directories with, my dear.

Added HS Grad Date to the filter in the Leads report.

Fixed a bug that conflated donations campaign totals with those of other donations campaigns.

Fixed another bug that refused to auto-grade discussions when the auto-grade time was the same as the comments closed time.

Took a bug—one that charged credit cards but didn't record the transaction in Populi if no asset account was defined for Online Payments—and stomped on it so hard there's not even enough for the ants to carry away.

Squished some gnats that were gumming up Anticipated Completion Date info in exports.

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