October 12 to October 16, 2015

Features & Improvements

Added new notification options so Staff can be better informed about new recurring payments.

Email notifications now show your school's name in the From line.

On student Registration pages, we now alert students when they enroll for a course they've already passed (including transfer, resident courses, and equivalencies).

Teaching Assistants can now view the Activity Feed.

Added the descriptions into the Add/Edit custom field dialog.

Added Barcode to the list of things you can look at on Library > Browse Resources.


Added some checks to online payments settings to ensure that all items are set up properly before you enable Online Payments.

Fixed a bug with per-credit negative fees (credits, that is) that wouldn't trigger.

Fixed a false time-out issue that affected students on lousy internet connections making long discussion comments.

Fixed up the report filters in Donations to improve what the various Donors filters were returning.

Changed payment plans so that the amount due continues to reflect pending financial aid until the invoices are overdue and the payment plan has elapsed.

Added some checks to make sure various kinds of PDFs are viewable in the document viewer.

Fixed a bug that exported Anticipated completion date as 1/00/0000

Fixed a bug in the Analytics report that fetched incorrect data about education level from Lead Info.

Fixed some issues with the Course Group transcript variables that were failing to include transfer credits.


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