October 19 to October 23, 2015

Features & Improvements

Added a Student's Last Term filter condition. This enables you to get student cumulative GPA's for their most recent term. This replaces the old, arduous process of looking up cumulative GPA's for a range of terms in which you suspect the students you're after might have last enrolled.

Degree/Specialization fee rules now look to see whether a degree is in progress during a term instead of at the beginning of a term when determining whether to charge the fee.

We now display current local time under the ID photo for users who are in a different timezone than you; when you hover over the time, you'll see their timezone info.


Fixed a bug that recalculated pending tuition refund credits according to the current date, rather than the number of days into the term defined by the refund policy.

Fixed a display bug that made it look like you could apply a payment plan to a voided invoice.

Fixed an export issue with the Overdue Disbursement list in Financial Aid.

Fixed some {UNSUBSCRIBE} variable issues that appended {VARIABLE} at the ends of emails you copy to yourself.

We now allow you to edit test question points on the test history view even if they haven't already been graded in To Be Graded. What we used to do was pretty stupid and we're really glad that doesn't happen anymore.

Made account locks (registration, financial) visible to students outside of their profile > registration tab.

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