August 11 to August 15, 2014

Features & Improvements

Made a few updates to the Student Clearinghouse Report. 

Tuition Schedule, Meal/Room Plan, Delivery Method, Campus, Custom, and Term Name fee rules now let you target auditors more specifically—that is, fees can be limited to, for example, students auditing a course who have this tuition schedule... 


Fixed a bug that caused differences in credit totals for students enrolled in now-deleted course instances.

Fixed a file permissions bug that prevented students from accessing files they should otherwise be allowed to view.

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect rounding in Aid awards with origination fees.

There was a bug on the Billing > By Term > Summary report that reported multiple tuition schedules for students who don't have them. Now guess what happened to the bug.

Fixed a timeout issue that wouldn't actually time out a student when viewing a course page.

Fixed a bug with the Admissions tab that grayscreened online references.

Stomped a creepy-crawly that messed with the predictable deployment of auditor fees.

Fixed a filter search issue with course evaluation reporting.

FIxed another filter issue on some reports in Billing.

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