August 25 to August 29, 2014

Features & Improvements

We're working on stuff, but nothing's ready for prime time quite yet.


Found a bug where you couldn't delete an unneeded account if it was attached to a deleted fee. That bug is now gone.

Fixed a bug that did this when you added an organization as a payer in Record Payment.

Fixed a bug where refund policies were not getting added to student accounts alongside the default program tuition schedule.

Fixed a bug that didn't load the State drop-down when you selected United States as country.

Fixed a bug that kept bookstore items that were charged to account from being included in Pending Charges.

We misspelled the word "taking" as "takeing" in one of our little red pop-up warnings. The writer sent the programmer responsible on a long walk off a short pier and that won't be happening again, now will it?

Fixed a timezone issue that was affecting users in the Cayman Islands. We tried to travel down there to fix the bug personally, but unfortunately the problem was on a server in Texas or Washington and could be fixed from Patrick's computer in Idaho. Sigh.


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