November 2 to November 6, 2015

Features & Improvements

Award letters now sort awards thusly:

  • First, grants.
  • Next, need-based loans.
  • Finally, other loans.
  • Within each category, we sort by award name...

...basically best (free money first) to worst (unsubsidized loans)!

We revised the student's course summary info (shown to students on course dashboards) to include all of the following: in-progress final grade, in-progress attendance, enrollment status (enrolled, incomplete, auditor), and Pass/Fail status.

We now show program, standing, degree, and fields of study in student profile headers (right below the name). This being considered "directory information" by FERPA, it seemed good to make it more available on the profile—unless, of course, the user has opted to make his profile private.

Programs are now ordered on transcripts chronologically instead of alphabetically.

We now feature an Include Deleted Charges? checkbox for the Charge filter option in the Pending Charges, By Term > Charges, and Reporting > Charges/Credits reports.

You can now add test availability exceptions for Auditors in courses in which they are permitted to take tests, etc.


'Twas a time when, if you were answering a test question with a radio input, should you then use the up/down arrow keys to scroll down the page, it could change the answer you checked on the radio input. We changed it so that no longer happens in order to cut down on the number of unintentional answer changes.

Fixed a bug that assassinated the Data Slicer if you tried looking up a custom field that had been deleted or had its name changed.

Fixed a tripwire that would raise up on Academic Auditors when they looked at a person's profile.

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