November 9 to November 13, 2015

Features & Improvements

Added a link on the Funnel Report to show you the underlying data used to generate the report.


There was a brilliant thing where emails with visibility set to Private only appeared to the sender on a person's Activity Feed. So, the recipient couldn't see those emails on their own Feed. We dialed back the brilliance a smidge and now recipients can see private emails addressed to them on their own Feeds.

When checking out a pickup order in Bookstore, our error handler was looking for empty fields and was finding a hidden input that had no value. That means you couldn't mark stuff as picked up without getting a meaningless error message. We fixed that.

Ever export "Everyone" from a mailing list and find some of these names? That won't happen from now on.

Academic Auditors would get a tripwire when using the Specialization field in the Data Slicer (and would then blow up... it was terrible). We've snipped the tripwire and it's safe to stroll through the Data Slicer again.

Fixed an unreported bug that wouldn't let students print enrollment verification letters. Though it went unreported, perhaps you did run into it and just assumed something was wrong with you. But it wasn't you. It was us.

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    Mary Neel

    Brendan, reading your release notes tips the scale for laughter! Thanks for making something that some consider mundane fun!

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    Brendan O'Donnell

    I'm very glad you're enjoying them. Since I started leavening them with more personality about a month ago, I've enjoyed the task of writing them a lot more myself!

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