November 23 to December 4, 2015

Features & Improvements

Enhanced the the general ledger report: it now has the new filter and it exports ledger detail using the CSV format. We did this to get around some considerable issues that come with exporting thousands of ledger detail entries using Excel.

Fixed up mailing label templates to better accommodate one-shot mailing label printers (like this one, for example).

Added academic term info changes to the master change log.


Fixed an error that caused Data Slicer exports to time out.

Fixed some obscure calendar problems that made events look like they'd been deleted when they weren't.

Credit card expiration dates now go out to the distant future, the year 2030.

There was a bug that could cause multiple instances of the same course showing for a student in various places. This was an extremely rare thing encountered by but one school, but we nonetheless nuked that cockroach.

A bug, far more complicated than it had any right to be, prevented you from viewing Vimeo embeds in full-screen mode. That bug is gone, gone, gone.

There was a time when, after linking the Inquiry to a real person, you could no longer edit the inquiry source. Behold, that time is now past.

Aggressively addressed an issue that made the start and end terms of the analytics report go all cattywompus on you.

Fixified a weird little thing that could cause a GPA to not show on the Data Slicer but nonetheless appear on an XLS export if the student still had any in-progress courses.

Not a bugfix per se, but we did make the English a little more betterer on the email we send out when a student is un-enrolled from a course due to failing, withdrawing from, or being deleted from a prerequisite course.

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  • 0
    Donna Haug

    Brendan, I get such a kick out of reading your Bugfixes.  :)  Thanks for making a potentially boring update such fun to read.

    I appreciate all you guys do to make Populi a great place to be!


  • 0
    Brendan O'Donnell

    Thanks, Donna!

  • 0
    Carla Bender

    Yes, they make me want to read more of them! 

  • 0
    Mary Neel

    I especially like your new word, 'Fixified'! Thanks for making me laugh! I look forward to reading more of them, too!

  • 0
    Ute Delaney

    I like the way you "take care" of bugs.  Stomped.  Nuked...

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