December 14 to December 18, 2015

Features & Improvements

Nothing this week, but I'll bet you we're gonna add some new stuff in 2016. How much you wanna put on that? Howzabout 20 bucks?


It's a rare week indeed when there aren't any bugfixes released. This week was not such a week. In other words, we fixed a bunch of bugs this week:

Lo, when adding a new organization from scratch, Populi would not accept the fact that the organization might have a website. We had a frank discussion with Populi and now you can successfully add website info to a new organization at the time you're creating it.

It was possible to delete a course group requirement from a degree and nonetheless find that course group reporting that it was attached to the degree. The horror, the horror. Well, that no longer happens.

Fixed numerous confusticating things on Canadian T2202-A's that came about with schools having students enrolled in multiple overlapping academic terms.

We added some smart stuff to the Data Slicer last week that could filter by Room or Meal Plan. What's dumb is that it didn't work. After some time in the corner of the room with a dunce cap, the Room and Meal Plan filters in the Data Slicer now work.

Oh, and we also added a Total Balance filter to the Data Slicer to supplement the Current Balance filter (sometimes those numbers are different).

We updated the Pay Now calculations on Profile > Financial > Dashboard some time back. But we didn't update them on Home > Dashboard > Alerts. Consequently, Alerts could tell you that you needed to pay up right now, but Dashboard would be all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We updated the Alert calculations and Populi is just fantastic now.

A user brought up the fact that the tone of the emails generated by Campus Life ( a violation has been recorded against you) were a little... stern. Campus Life went through sensitivity training and, despite being somewhat of a stubborn cuss about it, has softened its tone.

Fixed some bad math that could slap a failure-for-non-attendance on a student if a meeting time for which attendance had been taken was later deleted.

Some schools like failed courses to show up on the Degree Audit. We've made provision for them. But some water got in those provisions and some got rusty and others moldy—and those failed transfer courses were nowhere to be found. We fixed the leak and cleaned up the provisions, and all's good now.

Dewormed and snipped the tail of a wily timezone puppy that would scratch up the auto-grade timing on automatically-graded discussions.

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