December 21, 2015 to January 8, 2016

Features & Improvements

We added Populi_ID to the Data Slicer. For those not in the know, Populi ID is the unique ID number given to every person in your database. It varies in size, but can be seen in the URL on a person's profile. Behold, there's one right at the end of this one: 41054. Idn't that great?

This is great, too: we added a term filter to the Unpaid Invoices report.


Recurring payments would frequently not apply themselves to unpaid invoices. One of the devs had a frank talk with them and got nowhere, so he just rewrote the recurring payments logic while those payments were asleep, and now there's nothing they can do except behave the way they're supposed to.

You could sometimes export your gradebook and get an extraordinary amount of decimal places in the number grade columns. Shaking our heads, we left a post-it on the computer screen of the Excel exporter function to remind it to be more judicious with the decimals.

Updated what we'll permit in an email address: you can now include special characters like apostrophes and such.

When we shove information about application fees over to Stripe, we now include the applicant's name and not the dumb, databasey alphanumeric code we used to use.

If you deleted a to-do from a person on a communication plan, the associated event shown in Scheduled Events wouldn't necessarily also get deleted. Finding the situation intolerable, we fixed it, rendering the situation pretty much 100% tolerable.

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