January 11 to January 15, 2016

Features & Improvements

Although we spent plenty of time working on these, none of them are ready for prime-time quite yet. Maybe next week?


There are always bugfixes, though!

Fixed a bug with the alerts on Home > Dashboard that could show a student's total outstanding balance even if the Pay Now amount was zilch.

Figured out a way to have 1098-Ts properly count half-time students who were enrolled in concurrent (overlapping) terms. In the past few weeks, we had figured out how to do this for full-time students, too. We're on a roll!

If you exported the Scheduled Events report when it had more than one page of results, Populi very helpfully exported only the first 200 results (that is, the first page). Despite the fact that users just loved this, Christmas is over, and we're a bunch of Scrooges, anyway. Bug is now fixed.

There were some problems parsing MaRC imports and their LoC data. Resource titles and subjects were getting split up, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. We got some of our guys on the job and, well, they fixed it.

Bulked up the SAML custom attributes. That means we added first name, last name, and email attributes. People who know what SAML does will know what this means. For everyone else, just know this: this is good!

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