September 8 to September 12, 2014

Features & Improvements

You can now have hypenated usernames.


Audit fee rules weren't working for fees tied to course groups. They work now, though.

Fixed up a warning message: when you inactivate a student, the will be withdrawn from all unfinalized courses... warning will only display if the student is currently enrolled in an unfinalized course.

Files wasn't letting non-Staff users delete files. But we've convinced it to be more generous.

We also convinced Files to let the uploading user delete the file if they shared it with users who had roles that the uploading user did not have (for example, a Faculty user uploading a file for Registrar users).

For some reason, we didn't permit annotations on a document after page 9. We now permit it.

Also, for some other reason, we weren't letting Teaching Assistants annotate documents. Now we let them.

Fixed up an edge-case issue where if you added a different number of hours and credits to a new catalog course, we'd save both as the same amount. 

Fixed a problem with duplicate calendar events on schools not using Google Apps.

If a document in a discussion was also attached to a deleted discussion, no one could view it. Fixed!

Fixed up a couple issues with Student Billing users' ability to see the Default Tuition Schedule on a student's profile.

We weren't getting rid of pending charges for deleted students as well as we should've. We're doing better now, thanks.

Fixed a problem that stamped 1969 on activity feed emails.

Field of study wasn't saving in transfer credits. But we save it now.


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