January 18 to January 22, 2016

Features & Improvements

We're concentrating on bugs right now. But we did manage to release a new pending charges variable for custom financial statements.


Found something that could disregard the Report on 1098-T = No setting in the Billed for future box on the form. That is, non-reportable fees were being included in Billed for future. How dumb is that? Very. That bug is gone.

If a library resource had a hold on it and was checked back in, it appeared on the Holds report with a status of On the Shelf, not Ready for Pickup. Also, the person who placed the hold was not notified that it was available. Lame-o. We've addressed both of those issues.

Fixed the export helper so that it would show Campus Life custom fields, which it wasn't doing before a few days ago. Nice of us, huh?

While we were at it, we added Campus to the export helper options on the Enrollment XLS export. Super awesome of us, huh?

Under certain circumstances, Populi stubbornly refused to accept a Comments Closed date on a newly-created discussion. Not no more, though.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't respect your default invoice due date setting if you invoiced a student on her profile. We taught that bug to be more respectful. And then we stepped on it. It made a gross crunching sound, but you don't want to hear about that, do you?

If you try to merge tags and give the new tag the same name as a system tag, well, we now warn you not to do that.

Fixed an issue that would not apply online payments to outstanding charges when the Manually distribute unapplied payments and credits setting was set to Yes.

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    Josh Stevenson

    Good news about the pending charges variable! I know we have institutions who'd like to encourage students to pay before they've been officially invoiced.

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    Mary Neel

    Thanks, Brendon, for your humor in keeping us up-to-date! Love it!

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    Carla Bender

    Thank you for another amusing, but important, update.

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