February 8 to February 12, 2016

Features & Improvements

The new Analysis view in online tests gives you a better look at how your students fare against your test questions. It helps you identify questions that are too hard, too easy, or otherwise problematic; it can also help you see where you should spend more review time with your students. Look for a blog post early next week!

Custom statements can now make use of a gleaming new set of payment plan variables.


Put-in-order questions sometimes display to the test-taking student already in the correct order. Students, sensitive to the correct order and bleary-eyed from the all-nighter, conserved their energy and left the pre-answered question as-is. And Populi, heartless computer that it is, would consider the question unanswered and then mark them wrong! We subjected Populi to some sensitivity training and it now marks such questions correct.

We did a really cool thing and added a Paid Date column to the Unpaid/Unapplied Deposits report. But the thing we wrote did lots of deeply uncool things, like display paid $150 deposits as unpaid $750 deposits. What an awful, evil bit of code. So we rewrote the evil, uncool thing to actually be cool, and seems like it's being much more of a bro now.

If you allow faculty to manage enrollment for a course, we used to go you one better and let them enroll students above the maximum allowed credits for the term. But no one liked that we did this, and upon further reflection, this was a dumb oversight on our part. Faculty now have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Transfer courses mapped to equivalent courses weren't counting on the Degree Audit. So you'd transfer in ENG101 to count for your own ENG 101, which is an equivalent to WRI 101. A student, required to take WRI 101, would therefore not see that his transfer course nipped that requirement in the bud—it would just show as an unused course. So we fixed this. 'Cos that's how we do.

The course of study options in lead info sets didn't necessarily listen to you when you tried changing the selection. They're more compliant now.

If you took attendance, Populi had a way of forgetting where the course meeting time was held. Now it's more remember-y.

The Academic Progress report in Financial Aid > Reporting would count an Excused absense as the date of last attendance. Silly report. We dotted the i's and crossed the t's on that.

If you had a global Library due date set, then normal due dates were not respecting Library closures. We taught them to mind those closures.

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    Joel Wingo

    That new Analysis view is fantastic. It already helped me find a test question that needed to be revised. Thanks so much!

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