February 15 to February 19, 2016

Features & Improvements

We now allow for custom transcripts to include multiple academic programs. If you would like to explore this option, please write us a support request. There's also a scrumptious new year-total version of the contra-units variable, just perfect for all your year-end contra-units needs.

We tightened up how data exports to Excel. Previously, a student with a blank in a data column in Populi would export with 0.00 in that column in Excel. Now we export a pure void of meaningless blankness in those cells.

Added a new call to the API: getStudentEnrollments.This call returns every enrollment ever for a student with reckless abandon. It is an untameable stallion.

The filter in Billing > Reporting > Payments/Refunds now has a cute lil' Show Payments filter.


Discussions created in or otherwise connected to lessons would sometimes not sync. Viewing this as a problem, we fixed it.

The Data Slicer occasionally showed the wrong degree status if the inactive date was the same as the graduation date. We did not leave this as it was, but in fact changed it to work betterer.

When assigning a representative to an application, the changelog would act as if it the application was being re-assigned. That's because, in the words of the developer who fixed this, "we were using a static variable instead of private; when using them with models we should only use them for stuff that sticks around across instances of a model". Do you know what that means? I don't. Sometimes I think these guys are some kind of French absurdist performance theater troupe and all such verbiage is a put-on. But the problem is fixed.

Courses with a max. auditor setting that also allowed auditors to receive grades wouldn't show auditors in the gradebook. That sentence is past tense because WE FIXED THAT BUG, TOO.

Courses were disappearing from the My Courses panel on the dashboard owing to a simpering timezone thingy.

If a course contained nothing but deleted students, you couldn't delete that course. Now, we love to delete stuff, and we know our customers do, too. So now you can add a bunch of students to a course, delete them all, and then delete the course... and it will all work just fine!

We were letting you go through all the hassle of adding duplicate degree requirements for a degree year and then barfing you-can't-do-that- style errors onto your screen.

The export helper in Admissions wouldn't include columns for custom fields with the type of multiple answer or address. Now it does.

The link we'd send out when there were transfer credits for review was a weird mashup of some Google URL and a Populi link. We got rid of the following elements: weird, mashup, and Google.

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