February 22 to February 26, 2016

Features & Improvements

The new Attendance report is now out in the wild! You can get just about every attendance detail imaginable (provided you have a reasonable imagination, that is). It's in Academics > Reporting > Attendance and it's powerful, robust, best in breed, synergy-leveraging, and webcloud 2.0. The old term-based attendance report, so's you know, is going the way of the dodo in another few months.

No, seriously, the new attendance report does a lot of things our customers have been asking for, and we're rather happy we put it out there.

There are a couple of super-handy new Data Slicer filter conditions: Enrollments and Enrollments in Term. They let you find out, very simply, how many course enrollments your students have (in total and during a particular term). What's really cool about it is that they return 0's if a student doesn't have any enrollments. Previously, if you wanted to find out who had the student role and had never enrolled, Populi had you reaching for the aspirin within minutes. The new filters are really thorough: they count 0-credit courses, incompletes, and all the other weird situations that used to slip through the cracks.

Do you like donation receipts? Do you like to email them more than once? You do? Cool! We now make that easier than it used to be (not actually sure it was even possible, now that I think about it). It's a new action in the Donations report. Enjoy!


We've been slowly rewriting everything in Populi to take advantage of a better framework. The framework changes the URLs of the rewritten pages. If a user had bookmarked the old, pre-rewrite URL, when they navigate to that page using that bookmark, the page would break. We updated a few things so you now get redirected to the new page, and we feel pretty good about ourselves for doing that.

If you linked a donation to a deceased person, we'd pretend to link it but still list the donor as unknown. It was kind of like one of those fake-out moves you see in soccer matches, where the guy looks like he's gonna kick the ball forward but kicks it backwards instead, except we were doing it with dead people and money. We now let you link donations to the deceased.

If you tried viewing a lead connected to a now-deleted academic term, Populi spewed nonsense. Populi handles it better now (the deleted term just goes away).

Including Tags in a filtered donations report often gave you posted dates outside of the range you requested. Wagging our fingers at the Tags filter brought it back into line. Who knew the scolding schoolmarm thing could get such results?

Emails about library due dates were using the wrong timezone. In an intense, high-pressure situation like a library book coming due, where literally every second counts, this was unacceptable. Such emails now include the correct, timezone-appropriate time.

If a transfer course was mapped to a course group used as a prerequisite for another course, the degree audit would get it right but the Registration screen or course roster wouldn't—it would fuss at you about prerequisites not being met. Total drama queen. We fixed it up and everything works like a Swiss watch now.

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