February 29 to March 4, 2016

Features & Improvements

We added a load of new SMS/texting buttons, links, and features. They're kinda like Tribbles or wet Gremlins(except that they're useful and not annoying/deadly). Read about them on the Populi Blog!

Library Shelf View lets you see what else is on the shelves near the resource you're currently looking at. Pair it with a USB-powered diffuser and an essential oil that smells like old books, and it'll be just like you're actually in the library.

Donations now has custom fields of its very own. You note them on individual donations and you can include them as columns whenever you export any report in Donations.

We now do our level best to show financial aid refunds on the Profile > Financial > By Term view.

Registrars and Academic Admins can now manually-add students to the course waiting list.

The field formerly known as Maiden Name is now called Former Name. That means that Former Name's maiden/former name is Maiden Name.

If you need custom exit reasons, we can now handle that. Formerly we restricted you to the official IPEDS categories. But now you can contact Populi Support and ask for custom exit reasons. Your custom reasons will be available to you in the interface; on the back end, we'll map them to the official IPEDS categories and ensure that your reporting colors inside the lines they've drawn.


The web address field on new organization pages wouldn't accept all kinds of valid website entries. Super useful, huh? That field now works as advertised.

We found a rounding error in tests that let you administer a test with .01 points not assigned to questions. You will rightly imagine that this was an obscure problem that plagued very few Populi users, but a plague it nonetheless was. We sprinkled some medieval-ish potions and applied some leeches to it, and the problem is fixed now.

The "full screen" feature on YouTube embeds wasn't working. Fix'd!

Found some calculations on our shiny new attendance report that were of two or more minds about how to count excused absences.

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