March 7 to March 11, 2016

Features & Improvements

We finally gave the Data Slicer a Reset button. Now when you run a report the filter conditions won't persist the entire time you're logged in. It used to be that if you wanted to start over with a new report in the Data Slicer, you would basically have to log out of Populi. How great was that? Answer: not at all. Along with the precious Reset button, we fixed some errors that could come about if you ran a query that browsed bad data.

Oh, we also added a new filter condition for Transfer Courses, which lets you find, for example, students in a particular term who've transferred a certain course. Cramazing!

Added checkboxes to the 1098-T report, which lets you be more selective with the actions you can take on that report (releasing forms to students, etc.).


If you have recurring payments enabled but decide to switch back to from Stripe (why would you do that? Stripe is way better!), we now warn you that doing so will BREAK YOUR RECURRING PAYMENTS.

Ferxed an oversight of ours where if you were entering attendance data using the API (some schools have their own attendance-taking apps), the stats wouldn't update attendance assignments.

If you had a # character in a URL you pasted into a discussion (and really, who doesn't nowadays?), we very helpfully stripped it out and made the URL useless. We have repented.

Fixed a widdle buggy that zapped new fee rules right after you added them.

If a course had but one section, we nonetheless gave you options like Text ALL sections. We've ensmartened that bit of the code.

Incoming emails from Inquiries weren't updating the Inquiry... because we were zapping them for some reason (not really... there wasn't a reason... we were just zapping them). We got a bug zapper and zapped that bug.

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