March 14 to March 18, 2016

Features & Improvements

Adam made the Academic Term > Schedule view more handsomer. The display is a little roomier and more spacious, and he also added location to the meeting time blocks.

He also added an Active/Inactive filter to the Edit Course Group dialog. Busy dude.

There's now a nice little Reset to pending button on ISIRs. We've gotten many support requests asking us to un-link a mistakenly-linked ISIR, so we decided to put the power-to-unlink in your hands.

Address is now in the Leads report filter. This helps you nail down, say, which students live in or around Albuquerque, New Mexico or who reside on streets containing a T in the street name. This one will let you get rather esoteric, and we hope to see our customers using this filter in really weird ways!

We added the student's name to the proctor verification text message. Sometimes a proctor would have multiple students in the room, and here we are sending him multiple anonymous verification codes! Super helpful, right? Now the verification messages are actually helpful.


We disabled the Submit button in the Data Slicer after you press it. You only need to press it once to get it to start chewing on your query, but sometimes people would press it multiple times, which slowed everything waaaay down. Now you can play with your phone after pressing Submit instead of entertaining yourself by pressing Submit again.

We were excluding inactive faculty members and TA's from course evaluation reporting, but now we aren't.

The new Attendance report wouldn't admit Academic Auditors. But now AcAud's can view and use that report to their hearts' content.

The Send Text link on mailing lists simply opened a window showing you the mailing list name and a bunch of action links that didn't do anything. Sweetness! Rest assured, you can now text your mailing list folk using the link we provide.

If you added an event directly to the course calendar, we'd change the dates to the current month and year. For the most part this went unnoticed. But then someone tried adding an event for January 28, 2017 and it saved as March 28, 2016. Not cool, course calendar. Dates are behaving better now.

Some videos were getting encoded in such a way as to not work on iOS devices. We found all those files and re-encoded them. Now you can watch those videos on your phone after pressing Submit on the Data Slicer. However, we're not gonna tell you which videos those are. Not enough time today.

Text-verified phone numbers can now be marked old and otherwise edited by Staff users on the Profile > Info view.

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