March 21 to April 1, 2016

Features & Improvements

Populi now prints legal U.S. currency! And that's it for April Fools' jokes. I hope everyone had a good laugh. Really got you, didn't we?

We can now set up a custom transcript for your school that includes all of your academic programs.

Custom donation receipts now have variables for custom donation fields.

New ways to fix mistakes!

  • You can now selectively unrelease 1098-Ts.
  • You can now unlink donations from donors in case you make that particular mistake.

  • If someone loses their link to manage their recurring payment, you can now resend them that link.

Student attendance stats now have decimal places. So precise! And with that, Populi is now complete.

Changed the text of some borderline-misanthropic, supremely unhelpful error messages. Next time you run into an error in Populi, you just might feel a little more loved than in the past.

Added Student ID to the Data Slicer! We're frankly amazed that it wasn't already there, but sure enough, it's a new addition.


Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you change test exception times if a course started and ended on the same day. Our customers are great at finding the edge cases we'd never imagine on our own!

Sometimes you'd save changes to a test, and the test question order would change. Just, wonderful. We put an end to that.

Despite appearances, we wouldn't let you open course registration based on a tag. Fixed!

If you saved a set of filters in the Leads report that had is not conditions, that good-for-nothing rascal of a report wouldn't reflect those is-nots. After a stint in reform school, the reports are better behaved.

Fixed some display issues with retention data on the IPEDS retention report. In short, it wasn't displaying any retention data! It's earning its keep now.

One of the really cool things about Specializations was that you couldn't delete them. Actually, not cool at all! You can now delete those.

Exporting 1098-Ts to Excel totally broke Internet Explorer. Now it doesn't.

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