April 4 to April 8, 2016

Features & Improvements

We upgraded Bookstore with better return/refund handling, discount codes, and improvements to inventory tracking. Read more about it on ye olde populye blogge or nose around the Knowledge Base for more juicy details.

Added a new specialization type: emphasis.

If you don't really want your students who owe you money to always see an overdue notice fussing at them, you now have the option of hiding that notice. Looks a little something like this.

We all-around-improved the handling of uncollectible invoices:

  • There's a new filter condition on the Student Balances report that lets you include uncollectible invoices. We had formerly made it unpossible! to report on them.

  • In the words of the developer who wrote it, There is a new financial setting which, when enabled, will not hide uncollectible invoices like a mafia cover-up. They will still contribute to the student's "pay now" amount in case they decide to get their life back together, go back to school, and start paying their bills again. This is off by default. These are labeled "bad debt" to staff, but students don't see that language: they only see that they owe you some $$$$.

  • If that new setting is turned on and the student makes a payment, that will resurrect their uncollectible invoices from accounting limbo and let the money they just paid to be applied to them.

The biggest news of all this week: if you're using the API to track when anything changes on a person, the editing or deletion of a custom field will now trigger that function. Hundreds of thousands of Populi users have been clamoring for this for decades, and we're pleased to give it to them. You might have seen our press conference about this feature, but we unfortunately held it at the same time the Rogue One trailer hit the internet, so maybe you didn't?


We standardized the capitalization of the word "name" on the application form. Now it says "Name" everywhere, instead of "name" in some places and "Name" in others.

If you deleted a requirement year from a degree it was frequently impossible to add new requirement years owing to something called a "foreign key restraint". That's some computerese for "it wasn't working and there wasn't a good reason for that". Works now.

Fixed some dumb date thing wherein ISIRs from the year of our Lord 2,015 were displaying in Populi as 2010.

The Room Plan summary in Campus Life was including room and meal plan charges that were included in voided invoices. Spiffy but dumb.

Ensmartened online test question creation to only give you import-question options where there are actually test questions to import.

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