April 11 to April 15, 2016

Features & Improvements

Do you like to bulk-print mailing address labels? You do? Now you can do that in all kinds of places in Populi... f'rinstance:

  • Admissions > Leads
  • Communications > Mailing Lists (how did we not have this there already?)
  • Financial > Billing > Student Balances and Unpaid Invoices: Send letters to everyone who owes you money!
  • Financial > By Term > Summary: Export statements and then export a bunch of mailing labels!
  • Financial Aid > Awards > Awards: Print some award letters and then the labels to go with them...
  • Financial Aid > Reporting > 1098-T: In case you want to mail the form to the student.
  • Tag pages


An obscure thing, but handy in many situations, as it turns out: fee rules now look at all enrollments whether or not the student has a tuition schedule. Previously, if you wanted to ding a student for a $25 Lab Fee when he enrolled in a lab science course, if he didn't have a tuition schedule, the fee wouldn't make the ding! sound (nor would it charge the student). Those dark days are now over.

Email signatures were totally broken (likely owing to an upgrade we made to the text editor used in email, lessons, etc.). But they're totally working now, bro.

That text editor upgrade, by the way, was performed in order to address a bug with copy-pasting content from M$ Word documents.

Fixed several aggregation and arithmetic issues with how Test Analysis presented matching questions.

It was possible to delete all the full-time thresholds for your programs. That could unwittingly cause a pile of reporting problems that would've escaped your notice. But since we're such nice guys who hate errors, we went and fixed it: you must now have at least one such threshold in every one of your programs.

We left out a space or a semicolon somewhere and all of a sudden a bunch of students who should've had an Email Faculty link on their profiles no longer did so. We hunted down the missing space or hyphen or ümlaut or whatever it was and now it's all sunshine and kittens in Emailfacultyland.

The date filter on the General Ledger was doing a lousy job, but now it's doing a downright spiffy job.

Likewise with the date filter on the Bookstore > Orders report.

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