April 18 to April 22, 2016

Features & Improvements

Added some new bulk-change options in Billing:

  • In Pending Charges, there's a new function in the actions menu that lets you Delete all the pending charges captured by your filter.
  • In Unpaid Invoices, there's a new action that lets you Change invoice due dates for all the invoices captured by your filter.

Basically, if there a bunch of things in Billing that you don't like, now you can change them all at once!

Thats not all. There's a new grading requirement in Discussions that lets you grade students based on the total number of posts (comments and replies). Previously it had to be one or the other.


We somehow demolished the image uploader in News feed articles without anyone knowing that they'd done so. We put it in there, though, and your articles can again be all super image-y.

Know what? We had also rolled the html editor option (for email) out with the curbside trash. Fixed that, too (but you probably already guess that).

Attachments send through emails via Communications could not be opened by recipients. Feeling that this was somehow just so wrong, we righted it.

Fixed a thing* that wouldn't send the thing** to the folks*** when people**** posted to the thing*****.

Sternly addressed an issue where attendance for deleted meeting times was figured into clinical hours shown on the course roster.

Stealthily fixed some issues with over-eager failures for non-attendance afflicting students who were actually there that day.

Fixed some inadvertent font size changes that came about after updating something called php on our servers. Weird how that stuff happens, but it does. All the time.

Also fixed the completely broken Avery 5160 mailing label template which was completely broken by us when we added mailing label exports to all the places in Populi.

Text message replies in Inquiries now change the status of the Inquiry (waiting on us, waiting on them), which they formerly didn't.

Staff couldn't see (and therefore use) the Email Faculty link on student profiles.

The Reset button on the Data Slicer didn't necessarily clear out the report title. Now it resets that, too!

* problem** email*** course faculty**** students***** course bulletin board

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